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Proper Skin Care
When considering the proper skin care products for your skin, please listen to some of our podcast below. Some topics covered in our podcast are. Certified toxic free, purity, ingredients, about toxic elements, pH balance, acidic or aka line, active ingredients, natural moisturizers, dry cracked overworked skin, vitamin D, A, B and E, topical oils, skin hydration, scrubbers, anti aging - youthful skin, repair the degradation of collagen and more. Are there toxins in your skin care products? Many man made or synthetic chemicals used in personal care products are actually dangerous and can be damaging to internal organs.
A Counter
Enjoy the anti-oxident benefits of Green Tea every day with this invigorating Burst of Radiance Green Tea Bar Soap. Long before the benefits of Green Tea were discovered as a miraculous 
Individual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider MidIndividual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider Mid
Individual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider MidIndividual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider MidIndividual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider Mid
Individual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider MidIndividual All Natural Toxic Free Skin Care Divider Mid
skin therapy, Chinese emperors of the Song Dynasty enjoyed its exquisite taste and fragrant, flowery aroma. This magic herb was prized for relieving fatigue, delighting the soul, strengthening the will and enhancing vision. Many claimed it was an important ingredient in the elixir of immortality. Today its potent antioxidant powers can help your skin look younger, longer. Green Tea has been clinically proven to help prevent skin cancer and helps release surface toxins on the skin. Each 7 ounce box contains two (2) 3.5 ounce bars of this amazing Burst of Radiance! 
Reverse the aging process by treating your skin to this optimally intense skin restoring product. Discover for yourself the way to turn back the hands of time and create the skin that you deserve. Infuse your tired,
worn skin with this power packed formulation of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients designed to synergize your skin for maximum performance. 
Boost and repair the degradation of collagen and elastin which have created those fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful anti-aging product will erase years off of your appearance.
This gentle anti-oxidant cleanser refreshes, soothes, moisturizes and respects your skin as it thoroughly cleanses. Use twice daily. Gently massage with fingertips on face and neck using 
upward motions. Magnetize those unwelcome particles off of your skin while you cleanse with power and confidence. Great for all skin types. The aromatic blend of mint and rosemary are an excellent way to begin and end your day.
Enjoy the benefit of easily cleansing the face in one efficient step. The natural willow herb drenched pads lift away makeup 
and impurities for clean, radiant skin. Massage pad on wet skin to work up lather. Enjoy the life nurturing properties of Canadian Willow Herb as you cleanse and restore in one easy swipe. Good for the active person always on the go.
EMERALD BUFFING CREME: exfoliator stimulates, exfoliates and cleanses all in one treatment.
 This stimulating, refreshing, purifying yet gentle scrub can be used daily to deep cleanse pores and remove dead skin cells. Apply to a clean, wet face. Gently massage in a circular 
motion, avoiding eye area. Remove with warm water. Pat dry. This radiant exfoliator stimulates, exfoliates and cleanses all in one treatment. Use on all skin types to restore energy to lifeless looking skin. Gentle enough to use every day.
Calm and stabilize your day with a mist that relaxes, releases and restores. As a soothing multi-functional toner, it delivers natural botanicals to aid the skin 
Tired, red, angry or irritated skin can relax and rest with a few gentle mists from this powerful calming spray. Can be applied with a cotton ball or spritzed throughout the day as needed.
RADIANT ROSE MIST: energizes and hydrates skin as it lifts the frequency of the whole body.
This radiant high energy refreshing mist balances, renews, energizes and hydrates skin as it lifts the frequency of the whole body. This mist restores the acid mantle. Spray 
on skin after cleansing and mist throughout the day. Experience the power of rose, the highest measurable energy frequency known to man. Balance and hydrate tired skin while you tone and energize for the day.
Intensive anti-aging gel. Apply to face and wrinkles. Hydrates, repairs and delivers intense moisture. Use around the eye area (avoid getting into the eye 
area) on the throat and fine lines for repair and regeneration to restore elasticity. 
Massage this rich, nourishing lotion onto face and neck. This antioxidant uplifts, reconstructs and protect the skin. Apply with gentle upward strokes. 
Moisturize, rejuvenate and restructure your skin while energizing your cells with the power of CoQ10, White Lupin, Hyaluronic Acid and a sensational herbal blend of moisture magnets.
Create an infrastructure of support while adding vitamins and minerals to your skin with this power packed formula. Use as needed to provide that much needed drink to your skin.
Rich, luxuriant and powerful. That is what you will receive with this ceramide packed silk creme. Apply to clean skin as needed to supply that extra drink of moisture. Apply liberally to the 
face and neck. This creme is also very affective on elbows, hands and feet. 
Radiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider BottomRadiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider Bottom
Radiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider BottomRadiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider BottomRadiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider Bottom
Radiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider BottomRadiance Collections: Toxic Free Skin Care Line Divider Bottom
Our Toxic Free Collections
Retail Pricing
In this complete Collection you will realize great results with one of each of the remarkable products we have created. You will have 3 Cleansers, each with unique functions, 2 Toners, also unique in their purpose, 2 Moisturizers and 2 fabulous Anti-Aging Radiant Treatments.
Pure Radiance Collection
In just minutes you can provide a cutting edge regimen that will make a huge impact on the health and beauty of your skin. Everyone deserves to be beautiful but At Omega Radiance we believe that everyone deserves to be beautiful and everyone deserves to be healthy. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the *Pure Radiance Collection* of toxic free derma therapy.
With the *Pure Radiance Collection* you have exactly that-a complete collection of products needed to nourish, feed and supply energy to every vital activity of your skin. In just minutes you can provide a cutting edge regimen that will make a huge impact on the health and beauty of your skin. Investing attention with toxic free ingredients now will guarantee skin that will always showcase your best self for years to come. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and special treatments for your skin all come in one powerful collection. Cleanse with one or both the *Radiant Cleanse*, or *Pure Radiant Cleansing Pads*. The *Pure Radiant Cleansing Pads* are great for those days when your skin seems more oily or those nights when you are too tired to take more than a few seconds to cleanse. They are always a great choice for traveling. Using the *Emerald Buffing Creme* every day will insure that your skin is smooth and healthy. Consider applying *Radiant Rose Mist* in the mornings to hydrate and prepare your skin for the day and tone with *Soothing Lavender Toner* in your evening cleanse. Moisturize daily with *Radiant Moisture Therapy*. This powerful moisturizer will prepare your skin in the morning. Apply *Radiant Silk Creme* after cleansing at night. Dont forget to use these magnificent moisturizers on your hands, elbows and feet. Designed to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful, the *Radiant Repair Serum* moisturizes the fine lines and areas of the face that are prone to wrinkles. This amazing serum then travels deep within the skins layers to plump, build and restore thus effectively removing the appearance of wrinkles on the surface. Use this specialized treatment prior to moisturizing. *Crystal Recovery Gel* will become a trusted companion as you use it on delicate areas of the face and neck. With just a touch of this unique product you will be giving your face a toxic free lift. Reward yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically while pampering yourself with toxic free products. Radiant skin is yours in one perfect collection. Begin your journey to healthy, beautiful skin today.
Have the teen years captured your complexion? Fight back with this heavily saturated, intense bacteria fighting trio. Especially popular with people with busy schedules, teens and anyone with challenged skin, the *Clarifying Collection *provides all you need for an effective cleanse. In this collection, you will have the benefits of: 
1 Anti-Bacterial Cleanser, 1 Exfoliating Cleanser, 1 Toner and 1 Moisturizer 
This collection will nourish the nutrient deprived, irritated and damaged skin. Need a quick cleanse? Not much time? Cleanse with *Pure Radiance Cleansing Pads*. With just a swipe of this anti-oxidant filled pad, you can be assured that your skin is both clean and purified. 

It only takes a dollop of *Emerald Buffing Creme* applied over the face and neck, to restore the smooth skin that nature intended for you. Avoid the eye area when applying. Leave on skin for a few minutes then rinse completely. Apply *Soothing Lavender Toner* with a cotton ball or simply spray the Soothing Lavender Toner on the face. Gently apply *Radiant Moisture Therapy *for the finishing touch. In just a few seconds you have given the skin the advantage of a pure and simple treatment. Invest in your skin with this collection today. 
The *Essence Collection* is the basic foundation of your skin care routine. 
This Collection offers you: 
1 Cleanser, 1 Exfoliating Cleanser, 1 Toner and 1 Moisturizer 

Cleansing, buffing, toning and moisturizing have never been more enjoyable. Nourish your skin daily with *Radiant Cleanse,* the formulation that will remove impurities without 
stripping your skins natural moisture. Enjoy the incredible benefits of the *Emerald Buffing Creme*, sloughing off dull, lifeless skin cells. Tone night and morning with *Soothing* *Lavender Toner* the product designed to feed and nourish every skin type. Complete the routine with *Radiant Moisture Therapy*, delivering anti-oxidants and that much needed drink of moisture to your thirsty skin. The *Essence Collection* will cover the needs of every skin type and is always, always toxic free. Cleanse with confidence morning and night.  
Turn back the hands of time and imagine youthful looking skin again. Discover for yourself how this unique proprietary blend of ingredients. The *Rejuvenating Collection* is a must for anyone who desires to turn back the hands of time on their skin. 
In this Collection you will enjoy: 
1 Toner, 1 Moisturizer, and 2 incredible Anti-Aging Radiant Treatments 

Life has a way of adding character lines and wrinkles to our skin. This anti-aging collection will moisturize the skin to the deepest layer. Imagine youthful skin again with just a tiny investment of time. 

After cleansing, mist *Radiant Rose Mist* on the face. For a more thorough application, apply the Mist with a cotton ball in upward motions on the face. Tenderly apply *Radiance Repair Serum* with your fingertips on fine lines, wrinkles and anywhere you want to prevent aging. Your skin will gratefully drink up *Radiant Silk Creme* as it is filled with the most complete moisturizing properties. Complete this effective yet simple anti aging routine with the incredible *Crystal Recovery Gel* that will contribute 1000 times its weight in moisture. It is never too early to pay attention to the appearance of your skin. They say the skin you have at age 20 is the skin you were born with. The skin you have at age 40 is the skin you have earned and the skin you have at age 60 is the skin you deserve. This collection is designed for those who are serious about a lifetime of healthy skin. Enjoy the benefits of these superior anti-aging derma therapy products that will turn back the hands of time for your skin. 
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