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  • Main Product line - Beef, Buffalo, Turkey Jerky   Line
  • At no additional cost you get a - Fully E-commerce web site
  • Upline Support. Phone, E-mail, Training/Newsletter and more
  • Unlimited Passive Residual Income, Generous 7 level pay out on monthly purchases in your business line - 20% Retail - 5%Wholesale
  • Purchase Wholesale - Sell Wholesale Huge Market For Brick and Mortar Shops, Flea Markets ETC.
  • Proven Company - No Startups Here. I have been in this business since 2006. Now why do you think that is?
  • Only members of Jerky Direct private support forum. Automated Training News Letter.
  • Call Richard Today 419-394-9137 For Info - Before 8:00 pm E.S.T. please
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RPG Marketing   From OHIO
John Gorman   From Nevada..
Vince Faller   From Toledo OHIO..
Phillip Simpson of El Paso, TX...
Dale Huft  From New Mexico..
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On this page I am promoting some of my downlineWhen you join call me and let me know you want on this page. Give me your username and who you joined under. I will add you to this page on the next rotation. This is a free service to help you get started in the jerky business. $12 + SH, gets you 2 bags of jerky, Obviously No Hidden Fee's. Clearly No Start Up Cost. And Your In Business. A Low Cost Home Based Business. Get Started Today.. Available In The USA Only..
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Store rotation may add one or more than one at a time. Depending on how many sign ups each store gets that is in the featured team distributors
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Here Is A More In-depth Description For The Jerky Business Opportunity.
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J.D. Jerky sold in 2 bag lots.
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Wholesale jerky sold in 2 bag lots or by the case. You must be a preferred customer or a distributor to purchase jerky and fruit stix wholesale. Earn income on 7 levels of sales in the mlm portion of the business
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Select one of the jerky distributors below and join. Then send me your info. I prefer a phone call. When joining use a good e-mail address so we can contact you. You will be able to join an automated team training newsletter to help you get started. I recommend a gmail account if you do not have one, and the instant gmail notifier... Check Out The Advertiser At Bottom Of Page. Clearly, Gift Material.
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Featured Team Members 2


Your Jerky Store Right Here....
Your Jerky Store Right Here....
Your Jerky Store Right Here....
Jessica L Hinkle of OH....
Your Jerky Store Right Here....

Get your store on the next list. Join today. You must call to get your new jerky store on this page.

Call for details 419-394-9137 before 8:00 PM EST
Any income projection above is just that, a projection only, and not a guarantee of income, individual results may vary.

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