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At we respect your privacy. Any information you send us from this our site ( )  will be held in strict confidence.
What happens when I E-mail you? 
When you contact us by e-mail at your e-mail address will be exposed to us and to us only. We do not share e-mail addresses with other companies or third parties. 

We do not rent, sell or lend your e-mail address to any third party. You can have confidence that your e-mail address is safe with
Telephone numbers: 
If you supply us with a telephone number to answer any question you may have or call us directly. We will not share telephone numbers with other companies. We do not rent, sale or lend your phone number to any third party. You can have confidence that your phone number will be held in strict confidence at does not require any personal (exception is the free product drawing see below) or financial information to use our site. The only time we collect any information (other than (cookies and tracking devices - see cookies and tracking devices below) is when you contact us for whatever reason you may want/need to contact us for. Your information will never be shared, sold, rented or otherwise provided to any third party. Therefore unless you contact us, we do not maintain a database of visitor information of any kind other than what browser you use and where the visit came from. Ip, search engine, startpage or other website etc. (Read cookies and tracking devises for exception)
Our privacy policy does not apply to the practices and policies of other companies that are advertised, or otherwise listed, on the BBTJerky web site unless stated above. Privacy Policy Subject to change without notice.

Further Questions: If you have any further questions regarding your privacy and our privacy policy feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.  Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. Feel free to call 419-394-9137 if you have further questions about our privacy policy 
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Privacy: Free product drawing. What Info We Capture
If you enter and win the free product drawing. You have entered your name and e-mail to be placed on our mail list. If you win you will be contacted by e-mail, you will then need to send your full name and mailing address so we can send you the product/products you have won. 
What we do with your information: When You Sign Up For The Free Product drawing
Your information is safe here. We do send out a broad cast to all the members on the mailing list letting them know that there has been a winner and what product has been won. Your first name and your last name, city/town and state and zip code where you reside will be in those mailings or on a web page with the winner posted on that page. 
If you have come across this page in a search, feel free to join the list, you are automatically entered to win when you join the list. And you are eligible to win as long as you stay on the list. All winners are chosen from the free product mailing list.
We do not rent, sell or lend your e-mail address to any third party. You can have confidence that your e-mail information is safe with We respect your privacy
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Cookies And tracking Devices..
We at BBTJerky do have cookies and tracking devices, such things as visitors to our site, where they are from, browser used and other technical tracking such as location (geographical)
We do have 3rd party cookies and tracking devices mainly from banner advertising which we have no control over. And we have 3rd party cookies and tracking devices enabled by linkshare at my request on this site..
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