JD, are producers of healthy all-natural and organic beef, buffalo and turkey jerky products that provide you with an all natural source of high protein low fat jerky snacks. JD is dedicated to bringing you the finest top quality premium jerky product with new products on the horizon at a very affordable discount value. JD has been a long standing supplier of healthy meat snacks as a premier producer and supplier both retail and wholesale of  premium products for health-conscious people everywhere in the USA. It is easy to remember our name  BBTJerky.com
Our all-natural or organic jerky is handmade in our USDA certified smokehouse using superior quality meat products. Quality, Variety and Value are at the top of the list when it comes to our delicious beef, buffalo and turkey jerky. Our Jerky is seasoned with our secret blend of spices, and slow smoked to perfection with real burning hickory. 
Jerky Direct offers a wide range of Jerky products all with the same quality and value in mind. Jerky Direct meat snacks make a very healthy snack for anyone especially if you are on a low carb and high protein low fat diet. Jerky Direct meat products have a very long 18 month shelf life our jerky meat products are guaranteed to be fresh and we deliver right to your door. By far Jerky Directs delicious beef, buffalo and turkey jerky are the best tasting I've ever had. And I am a jerky lover.

Natural Beef Jerky - Organic Beef Jerky - Natural Buffalo Jerky - Natural Turkey Jerky - Beef Stixs - Beef Steak Sticks
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Beef Jerky
Beef Stix Fajita,, 
Beef Stix Habanero "Hot",,
Beef Stix Original,,
Beef Stix Peppered,,
Natural Beef Jerky Extra Tender Original,,
Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Original,,
Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Peppered,,
Natural Beef Jerky Slab Style Teriyaki,,
Natural Beef Jerky Tender Hickory Smoked,, (low carb)
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Original,,
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Peppered,,
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Sweet & Spicy,
Organic Beef Jerky Slab Style Teriyaki,,
Savory Beef Steak Sticks Original,,
Savory Beef Steak Sticks Peppered,,
Ripple Cut Original Beef Jerky
Ripple Cut Black Pepper Beef Jerky
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A Counter
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Buffalo Jerky
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Original,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Peppered,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Red Hot,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Sweet & Spicy,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky BuffalOs Teriyaki,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky Shredded Hickory Smoked,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky Slab Style Original,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky Slab Style Peppered,,
Natural Buffalo Jerky Slab Style Teriyaki,,
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Or Perhaps You Would Like to Become a jerky distributor and start your own business? For the price of 2 bags of jerky you get

  • 2 bags of Jerky (Your Choice Of Style/Or Choose Flavor of The Month) every month. Cancel anytime.
  • A Free Store Front/ E-Commerce Website Just Like This Order Site.
  • Buy Wholesale: Purchase More Jerky (Beyond The 2 bag Commitment)  At Wholesale Discount Prices. By The Bag Or By The Case
  • Earn Extra Income With Our 7 Level Payment System.
  • Free Training From BBTJerky and our network group.
  • Free One on One Training. Phone support. Building web sites etc. Richard Faller
  • We Have A Great Team And Will Support And Train You In Anyway We can Help
We Deliver Jerky, Pet Treats And Fruit Sticks To All Fifty States - Alabama,  Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. We also deliver to anyone with an A.P.O. Those with A.P.O. would be mostly military but anyone with an A.P.O we deliver. The Best Moist Juicy Jerky You Will Ever Taste.
High Protein - Low Fat Beef, Buffalo and Turkey Jerky - A Great Snack Anytime
Beef Stix Fajita
Orgainc Peppered Beef Jerky
Organic Peppered Buffalo Jerky
Turkey Nuggets
Slab Style Buffalo Peppered Jerky
Turkey Jerky Teriyaki
I found my father in law in front of the TV the other night with a bag of your premium jerky, one taste and I was hooked!
John -Boston, MA 
Thank You
Sections To This Page. Click To Be Taken To That Section. Beef Jerky..
 Buffalo Jerky.. Turkey/Chicken​ Jerky.. Jerky Description: Sodium, Calories, Moister Etc.. Advertisements: Clear Deals On Hot Products..
Are you looking for a more detailed description of our jerky products?

For a more detailed description of all our jerky products. You can click on our all natural and some organic Beef Jerky & Beef Stix page, our all natural Buffalo Jerky page and or our Turkey Jerky & Turkey Nuggets page. Each page will have a full description of each jerky product. No matter what type or style of jerky you like. JD has it in beef, buffalo or turkey jerky. Have a great Jerky Day!
Flat rate shipping of $1.97 on your monthly autoship order for Preferred Jerky Customers And Jerky Distributors. (yes you can make extra money with our jerky products) No matter how much you order on your autoship order. Change your autoship order anytime, cancel anytime. Our Jerky comes in over 30 styles and flavors in Beef JerkyBuffalo Jerky and Turkey Jerky. Thank You For Your Business and Have a, Great Jerky Day.
Moist Succulent Turkey Nuggets - A Healthy And Delicious Snack For Your Next Sporting Event
Sovary Beef Steak Stick - Peppered Jerky Old Style - Delicious Full Body Flavor
How To Order Retail
  • Click on RETAIL SHOPPING in the menu on the left hand side 
  • Then click BAGS OF JERKY or CASES - these are located under the store owner's name. Bags of Jerky, are sold in 2 (two) bag lots.
  • Next choose a flavor of jerky and click on it 
  • Then ADD TO CART You can then check out or continue to add products to your cart
  • Follow the check out directions to make payment
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Would you like to have a description of what the jerky taste like, calories, moister, sodium etc? 
You can now go to the beef jerky taste description page, the buffalo jerky taste description page, the turkey/chicken jerky taste description page. the organic jerky taste description page or the hot stuff jerky taste description page. Click on any link to be taken to the jerky description page.

Those pages have my personal taste preference and taste description for all the jerky styles and flavors. Just click on the link in the above paragraph that your taste buds would tingle to. Be it the beef, buffalo, turkey, organic or hot stuff jerky. The jerky taste descriptions are my honest evaluations of all the jerky. You will find some of the jerky that I do not prefer, ( I tend to like it hot, peppered, spicy etc  ) but that doe's not mean you will not. Even on the jerky I do not prefer, I give a taste description on whether the taste is mild, strong, overwhelming or other taste descriptive words. Enjoy the jerky of your choice with over 30 styles and flavors of jerky.
Size Of Jerky Bags
As you may know, of late. Many jerky companies are reducing the size of the bags of jerky. In other words, you get less ( oz. weight) per bag. This measure is to hold down the cost of the jerky per bag and still be competitive in the jerky market. Jerky Direct at the time of this update has not reduced the size or amount of jerky per bag. If things change, I will get them posted and changed on all the above jerky A.S.A.P. To double check, when placing your order on any order page. You can check at that time if any changes have been made to the size of the jerky bags. If changes happen. And only saying if. I will have those changes on BBTJerky.com within a reasonable time when I get the information of any changes. Thank you for your interest in the jerky. 4 For OZ weight per bag click on product
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Buffalo Wings Style Chicken Jerky Hot
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