From the pristine, cold waters of the Antarctic comes a marine oil so powerful it could change your life. Derived from tiny shrimp-like Antarctic krill, this nutrient-rich Neptune Krill Oil™ is unlike any other cold-water marine oil. It contains a remarkable synergistic blend of three biologically active components: Inflammation fighting Omega-3 fatty acids, (EPA & DHA), brain-friendly phospholipids and cell protective antioxidants (such as astaxanthin, a carotenoid that gives krill its characteristic red-orange color). This unique blend can affect life-changing results as a most potent antioxidant and can reduce C-reactive protein (CRP), a protein marker of inflammation found in the blood. Neptune Krill Oil™ is nature's answer to cholesterol management, joint pain relief, and easing of PMS symptoms. This essential oil also shows great potential as an energy and alertness booster, skin protector, wrinkle fighter, and more. 
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