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The New Jerky Direct Launched 10-1-16, Enter your information below and I will send free exciting information the jerky money making opportunity. Live webinar training. 
The SIMPLE SIX Program is a plan that will help you grow your organization. 
You Do Not Have To Follow Any Plan. This is your business to run as you see fit. These are just examples of what has worked in the past. Be creative in your new business venture. 
It is this simple, You as a new jerky distributor enroll 6 new distributors. An then help your 6 new distributors enroll 6. They in turn help their 6 enroll 6. This can be repeated to the 7th level in a 6 by 7 matrix. ( You do not have to stop at six, you can enroll as many personally sponsored distributors as you like. But by helping your team build, your organization begins to grow very large)  You can see by the commission chart below that by building a team the money earned grows larger as you go down the 7 levels. Remember this is just the mlm side. You get paid on retail sales and the wholesale market for jerky is huge.
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 New Jerky Business
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The New Jerky Direct.. Click on the ( About Me ) page when you enter the corporate site. Anything in the below section may be, out of date.
Join Jerky Direct for just a touch over $15 a month... You get 2 bags of jerky and your in the jerky business as a new jerky distributor. Sign-up six new distributors, (see example above) help each of them do the same thing... 
Getting the picture now! 
The Simple Six Payout Plan: Residual Income
I realize that not everyone will work this (The simple six program) the same. But with some commitment to your future, and some good results, it will pay off. If only one person you sponsor builds a full business to 7 levels, you would get $49,000 residual income per month!!Lets take it even further down and suppose that the simple six program is only 10% successful....How much is that worth to you? If only 10% do the simple six program as desribed above and reach only  level 6 you would still bring in around $1500 a month in residual income. It won't happen overnight, but it can happenwith commitment. The sooner you sign up the faster your downline grows, START today...
Below is another chart that has 1 more distributor added to your first level, (that would be 7 personally enrolled distributors) now after you get the simple six program going, just look at the power of 7. Like I stated above, you can sponsor as many as you like on your first level.
Remember, once you have 6 Storefronts under you, your business cost will come directly out of your check! That completes level 1. Levels 2-7 are your RESIDUAL income levels. When the 4th level of your store is full, your income will be about $1371 a month.  Note: You do not have to stop at 6 on your first level. You can go as wide as you want.This is REAL passive residual income...
Commission Chart 2 : Adding only one more personally sponsored jerky disributor can enhance your residual income
Any income projection above is just that, a projection only, and not a guarantee of income, individual results may vary.
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Any income projection above is just that, a projection only, and not a guarantee of income, individual results may vary.