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Time To Cut Firewood

by Richard Faller on 04/10/14

split cord firewood
1. It Is Time To Cut Firewood.

2. Tools For Cutting Firewood - Plus Pictures

1. It Is Time To Cut Firewood.
    Yeah, I may be a little late getting started this year. But it is that time of year. Go out in the woods and start cutting firewood for next year. But wait. why cut wood for the next heating season now? The short answer is, the wood needs time to dry out. We will be going out cutting this Saturday. Heating our house with wood keeps us warm and toasty when freezing sub zero winter days hit. Pictures below. May have to scroll right side bar.

  Speaking of firewood. Fire creates smoke and we carry some jerky that has real hickory wood burned and the smoke piped into the cookers. That is what you call real smoke flavor. Not just some liquid smoke added to the jerky like your big box store jerky. Hickory smoked jerky so good. One of my favorite smoked jerky is the buffalo shredded jerky by the bag. (price is for 2 bags, twin pack) save some big bucks and purchase hickory smoked shredded buffalo jerky by the case. The hickory smoke flavor is superb. We carry over 30 styles and flavors of superb high moister content beef, buffalo, turkey and chicken jerky in jerky by the twin pack. And the same flavors in jerky by the case.

The younger part of the crew. Tool pictures below
The Crew Firewood Cutting

2. Tools For Cutting Firewood

    My crew uses 3 main tools. 1. The chain saws. A 20 inch bar for downing the tree, a 16 inch bar with a 38 cc engine (small) for brush and small branches up to 10 inches in diameter. You can really get moving with that smaller chain saw. 2. A log lift. we use the Woodchuck (wood chuck) 4 in one tool. Basically this tool lifts logs off the ground several inches so you can cut right through the log in one cut. 3. A Hookaroon or Pickaroon, this is a handy tool for picking up split wood or even small size logs. We use the Woodchuck (wood chuck) 2 in one Hookaroon. Has a cable attached called the skidderoon that you can drag brush with. One cool Hookaroon. You can search Shop Amazon for Wood Chuck Logging Tools, it is where I purchased the ones below. We have a large Huskee splitter to finish the job. Fire by wood, natures heat source.

The work cutting firewood.
cutting firewood with wood chuck tools
The woodchuck logging tools up close. Superb tools
Wood Chuck Logging Tools

Thanks for reading the post. And Have A Great Jerky Day.
Richard Faller

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