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New Year's Resolutions: Weight Loss 2012

by Richard Faller on 12/30/11

Erin Jerky weight loss
Erin on jerky and weight loss

As we come to a close of the year 2011, and enter the year 2012 many of us will make New Year's resolutions. I will discuss one of the top five here.

What this blog post covers.
1: Top Five New Year's Resolutions For 2012
2: One That Keeps Coming Back
3: Video
4: Figure Out How
5: The Snack Food Dilemma
6: How About Jerky
7: Will I Stick To It.
8: The Exercise Program - Don't Worry It Is Easily Done

Post 1. Here are the top five 2012 New Year's Resolutions from my research and the slide share survey
1. New Year's Resolution To Be Financially Savvy. Comment: I saw that one coming.
2. To read at least one book per month. Comment: That one was a shock.
3. Eat Properly / Lose weight. Comment: I see this one every year.
4. Get enough sleep. Comment: This one may be mine this year.
5. Keep a journal of awesome events in my life. Comment: Now that's awesome.
Contributor Wikipedia...


2. One that keeps coming back year after year.
Weight loss, or get in shape, eat properly, what ever you want to call it. It is clearly one of the top 5 New Year's Resolution's year after year. And before I go on, I must say that I am not a Doctor or a health care professional. And anyone considering weight loss should consult their Doctor. Just so you know that. And yes I took classes on the weight loss thing. You will find out why as you go on here.

3. The Video above and my personal experience.
First the video above has Erin giving her thought on jerky and weight loss. Play it. I have experimented with jerky and weight loss before this, but since my Doctor gave me the news that I was Pre-Diabetic. I have instantly begun a weight loss program. I even took classes on the diabetic thing. I wanted this weight loss and low carb diet to be easily done and simplistic. Yet get dramatic and proven results.

4. So I had to figure out how.
The first thing I clearly had to do was start reading labels. That was a joy. Pizza, it is out of my life. And I love pizza. The carbohydrate content in pizza was way to high. So I took out all the bread in life. I know that obviously sounds crazy. But it has been working. No potato's either. Remember I said I wanted it to be easy. No ice cream, I used to eat a half gallon of ice cream in one setting.  And more than one time a week. The nutritional expert said I did not have to cut it all out. I just had to eat smaller portions. Well that may work for some. But I know myself and if I eat one scoop of ice cream, I will eat the whole thing. Basically if I take those kinds of food's completely out of my diet, I will not be tempted to, yep you guessed it, EAT IT ALL. Have you ever had that happen to you? Quite a few of us clearly have.

5. The snack food dilemma.
This one had some hard choices, but I obviously had to make it easy as I wanted results. As I clearly loved my snacks, like chips, candy bars, love brown sugar pop tarts. I had to replace those snacks with a more healthy snack. Yep being a jerky man sure did help. So here is what I eat for snacks now.
zone perfect chocolate strawberry bar
1. Zone perfect power bars. Only one a day though. The
Zone power bars. Had the lowest carbohydrate content I could find in power bars. They came in at carbohydrate 22 grams and the sugar at 14 grams, protein at 12 grams. That is for the dark chocolate and strawberry. And is so good. Again only one a day usually mid morning, as I am allowed 75 carbohydrate's per meal. And my breakfast is very light on carbohydrate. (Allowing myself 75 carbohydrate per meal). You can find them at Kroger or purchase them online at Amazon... If you click it, do a search for Zone power bar.
bags of jerky
6. How about jerky as a snack food.
This one I loved. Yes, jerky was turning out to be an obvious healthy snack choice for me. And I  am a jerky man which made it a clear choice for me. Now the favorite jerky of mine is the
Natural beef peppered jerky. The beef peppered jerky is all natural with no preservatives, no added msg and no nitrite. The big issue I was looking for was RESULTS. This jerky came in at. Carbohydrate per serving 7 grams, sugar 7 grams and the all important protein ( good thing) 11 grams. Compare that to the Zone bars.

Nutrition information for the all natural beef jerky peppered. As I said, I am the jerky man. And not all jerky is created equally. I wanted something I clearly would not get tired of, if I was going to get the results I was looking for. Tasty and delicious and not rock hard or hard to chew shoe leather jerky. Premium jerky all the way.

So I am sticking to my diet, the snack foods I have picked out for me are obviously working. I was at 215 pounds about 2 months ago. And now weigh in at 192 pounds. That is a weight loss of 23 pounds. My goal is 185 pounds. Not too far to go for this goal.

7. Will I stick to it.
Remember, I said I wanted easy and proven results. Yes in this way I can stick to the weight loss program. The way I set this up was to not be tempted. By completely eliminating some of the foods in my life, and replacing them with healthy and tasty options, it will clearly be much easier. I will not be tempted to eat the whole half gallon of ice cream if I never take the first spoon full. That is the simple, yet powerful approach I will continue to use on my quest for for weight loss and low carbohydrate diet.

8. The Exercise Program - Don't Worry It Is Easily Done
Along with the diet program I mapped out for myself. I have included a mild exercise program. This includes 10 minutes a day on my Horizon Elliptical machine. I purchased this at Sears.. I will go for more minutes as I build myself up and time permits. From what I have researched, 30 minutes a few times a week is the clear path to take. I have chosen less time but everyday. This way I never make an excuse to put it off until the next day. Remember, I said simple plan and easy for me to follow plan. I do the  exercise program in the morning at 5:45 AM. Yes I do get up a little early to do this exercise program. If you want proven results, you need to get a plan. Set some goals. Perhaps mini goals for the New Year 2012.

I will do another post on this subject (weight loss) in a few months and give you a update on my results. So far the snack food choices I have made for myself have easily and clearly produced powerful results. Here is an article on jerky weight loss / gain on the main jerky site. If you have a New Year's Resoluton for weight loss, I wish you the best of success.

Thanks For Reading The Post
Richard Faller

Richard Faller

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Comments (7)

1. Ben A said on 12/30/11 - 10:43PM
i really liked this article. I can see now how can i can go abbout this.the replace totally with a better healthy food i think will be good for me thanks for the post
2. Roy said on 1/1/12 - 10:55AM
I never knew eating jerky can contribute to weight loss. That's really very interesting and unheard of. Thanks for revealing such a valuable secret tip!
3. Carl said on 1/1/12 - 11:03AM
I've been searching for the perfect tasty snack that can help me with weight loss, and haven't really been successful in doing so. I, just like you, love to snack A LOT, which defeats my workout regiment! My weight has never droopped; in fact it has rising many a times. I was sick of eating apples and bananas as snacks, until I came across your blog. I've tried snacking on jerky for these 2 days, coupled with my workout regiment, and for once in 6 months, I finally see my weight decreasing by nearly 1 kg in just 2 days! This is really miraculous, and will also be my new year regiment! I really appreciate and thank you for your wonderful post!
4. Haggard said on 1/1/12 - 11:13AM
I've been eating jerky for a few years now, just because of its great taste. No wonder I've been so lean and kept such a healthy weight despite lack of exercise. I'm a lazy person. People have asked how in the world do I maintain my weight with so little workout, and I never knew the answer. Now that I know it can help out with weight loss, I'm definitely going to introduce it to my overweight friends!
5. Horace said on 1/1/12 - 11:19AM
Haha, I often recommend jerky as a healthy snack to my friends. I didn't know I can make extra commissions recommending this wonderful product. And weight loss is such a good reason to encourage them to purchase jerky! Great blog~
6. Cassandra said on 1/2/12 - 02:22AM
There were so many sites out there that claim to reveal weight loss "secrets", and wasted all my hundreds of dollars on all sorts of junk products and useless information. And here it is, free information revealing the cheap and good old jerky. You definitely should be getting more traffic for your wonderful site; I'll be getting my friends to visit yours.
7. Nguyen said on 1/2/12 - 02:40AM
Weight loss is also my new year resolution, and I'm glad to come across your blog. I just tried natural beef pepper jerky that you introduced here, and it really taste great! Little that I know that there are so many opportunities that jerky can offer. Jerky is so going to be my diet from now on. Lols

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