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Jerky Direct Training & Banners

by Richard Faller on 03/02/12

Training For Jerky Direct Distributors & Custom Banners.
Jerky Direct Training & Newsletter
Just little overview of what Jerky Direct is. Jerky Direct is a direct sales company of meat snack products. The main product is as in the name "Jerky" Jerky Direct also has a Fruit Stix line sort of like a fruit roll up, but in stick form. Are you a pet lover? Jerky Direct has a pet treat that is all natural and made from turkey. There is a promotional offer going on right now, and has been for sometime. If any jerky distributor enrolls 5 new jerky distributors in his/her organization in any given month, they will receive a case of buffalo steaks, "FREE" no cost at all, not even shipping cost. The buffalo steaks are clearly some of the best I have ever tasted, and yes I hit the bonus  buffalo steaks quite often. Have them for breakfast, buffalo steaks and eggs. Now on to what this blog is about.

1. How I Support New Jerky Direct distributors.
2. The Jerky Distributor Training/Newsletter For Any Distributor In Our Jerky   Organization.
3. Custom Banners For Your New Jerky Direct Business.
4. A Jerky Business - How Do I Get Started

1. How I Support New Jerky Direct distributors.
Some people when getting into a network marketing business have all the skills they need to become a successful jerky distributor. They are acquainted with MLM / Multi-Level Marketing known as Network Marketing. These types of people may need very little help other than a phone call to get them knowledge on the specifics of the Jerky Direct Program.

Others that are fairly new to network marketing (MLM Multi-Level Marketing) may need help getting started right out of the gate. That is where our jerky group comes into play. When you first sign up for Jerky Direct as a jerky distributor. I will contact you by email with a welcome aboard email and letting you know about the jerky training and newsletter. Which you can signup for and then receive our training letters. You will then have my personal phone number, my personal email for the jerky business. So you can call me or email me personally when you have questions about the jerky money making program. Our group at times have jerky direct distributor conference calls to meet successful distributors in our group. These calls are also a good place to bring prospects of other jerky distributors to have the prospects questions answered by successful and professional jerky distributors. So lets talk a little about the training newsletter.
Richard Faller
2. The Jerky Distributor Training/Newsletter For Any Distributor In Our Jerky Organization.
The newsletter is filled with clear easily read information on many subjects in marketing the jerky direct home based business opportunity. When a new distributor joins the jerky program with myself or anyone in our  jerky organization they will receive an email telling them about the Jerky Direct Training and Newsletter.
Obviously you want to join with a good email address that you check often, to ensure you get the training letters. So what is in the training and newsletter for our groups Jerky Direct distributors.

Here is just a few of the subject matters we will send you after you join Jerky Direct as a distributor. I always state that some of the parts of the training newsletter you may not need or want. That all depends on what you want out of the Jerky Direct Opportunity. Even if you are just looking to build your jerky business to a point where you get free jerky every month, and do not wish to build a large organization. You will have this marketing information for a day when you may want to explode your income. And go for the large network marketing organization, massive retail jerky sales and get your feet wet in the wholesale jerky aspect of the jerky business. So here is some of what will be in the training newsletters.

1. Online Marketing - Offline Marketing
2. Where to get professional business cards at discount prices. You can even print out business cards from your Jerky Direct back office. You will also get a page you can click on that has samples of business cards, yard signs, post cards, car magnets and more.
3. How to build a web site. Free host and paid website hosting and what the difference is. Why you should build your own web site and have your own domain name for the jerky business.
4. Do you know of or use Traffic Exchanges? You will receive information on the best way to market the jerky program using traffic exchanges.
5. How to build a splash page or squeeze page. What the difference is and why you use one of these types of pages when using traffic exchanges. How to build a splash / squeeze page for free (including hosting)
6. Search engine marketing, one of the best sources for traffic to your Jerky Direct store. Why search engines are such a great source of traffic to increase your retail jerky sales, wholesale market and for the network marketing aspect of the jerky business.
7. Free Traffic, is it good or bad traffic? Why it can be both good and bad depending on how you use this traffic resource.
8. How to use meta tags for your business web site. Title tag, Description tag, key word tags. Using graphics on your site.
9. Banner exchanges are they a good source of traffic? Do banners really work at producing sales and downline?
10.How to get videos on YouTube. Our jerky group has generic jerky direct movie files that you can upload to YouTube. You can get traffic right from the YouTube video that you upload. Is custom movies better than generic advertising videos. How and where to get custom videos made. Here is one of the generic jerky direct videos. Here is one of my custom jerky direct videos...
11. Blogging for jerky profit. How to blog? Where To Get A Blog? Why I Should Be Blogging for jerky profits?
12. Autoresponders, How to use them. Why you want to use autoresponders.

And the list goes on. You will get all this information and more when you  Join Jerky Direct with any of our groups jerky distributors.

3. Custom Banners For Your New Jerky Direct Business.
I can personally create custom banners for your new jerky business. There is no cost to anyone that is our jerky direct organization. You will have several banners to choose from that have been tested in the marketing place. I can customize these banners right down to your domain name and put your picture on the banner. Now that is custom.

4. A Jerky Business - How Do I Get Started
Jerky Direct has made this a simple and easily understood program, there are no complicated matrix designs, no bv or pv points you have to reach to get paid. There is no fine print at all. You earn it, you GET PAID. There are no signup fees, no fees for your personal online jerky store, yes you get a free online store. Ready to take jerky orders, sign up new distributors, sign up preferred customers and even bring wholesale jerky buyers into your organization. I personally have several wholesale buyers that purchase a couple thousand dollars in jerky when they order. And I get a commission off of all the wholesale sales on my first level. And you have the opportunity as a Jerky distributor to do it too. That money can add up quickly.

Joining Jerky Direct As A Distributor
It is easy as 1,2,3 to join as a jerky distributor. All you have to is fill out a jerky distributor application. Purchase 2 bags of jerky on autoship. And you are in the jerky business.

NOTE: When joining use an email that you check often. I can then contact you for our Jerky Direct Training and Newsletter so you can sign up for that too. The newsletter is 100% Free. My contact info will be in your back office once you have joined too. Do not hesitate to contact me. Get started today, Join Jerky Direct..

Have questions about the jerky opportunity? Call me at 419-394-9137 before 9:00 PM EST please. I will answer the questions you may have. This applies to before you join and after you join the jerky money making opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post
Richard Faller
Independent Jerky Distributor.

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