Jerky Talk Blog: Jerky Products, Distributors, Affiliates, Miscellaneous, DIY Topics

Jerky Talk Blog: Jerky Products, Distributors, Affiliates, Miscellaneous, DIY Topics

Love My Beef Jerky

by Richard Faller on 10/08/15

1. Yes I Love Jerky. Snack Time?
    Since I have been young I have loved jerky. I loved peppered jerky, teriyaki jerky, original jerky, hot jerky and more. I loved jerky so much that people would get me jerky for a birthday present. Yes in my opinion jerky clearly makes a superb gift be it a birthday or Christmas for your jerky lover.

   So why do I love jerky? Absolutely number one reason, it TASTE GOOD. Jerky fills your need for the protein you need for energy during your day. Jerky be it beef jerky, buffalo jerky chicken or turkey jerky is totally portable. Take it with you on the run for that snack of high protein you need. Jerky is all that and more.

 2. Our Superb Premium Jerky.
     Interested in a superb premium high moister content jerky. Here is the run down from purchasing jerky retail, making money with jerky and wholesale jerky.

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Wholesale Jerky: Do you have a brick and mortar retail store or a flea market buff? We have wholesale pricing for you. All you need to do is join JD as a jerky distributor or a preferred jerky customer.

Have questions, feel free to contact me personally.

Thanks for reading the post. And Have A Great Jerky Day.
Richard Faller

Work Cell Phone Addiction

by Richard Faller on 10/01/15

 Richard Faller  
 This will be a short post this as I am a little busy renovating one of my rental properties. With the advent of cell phones becoming such a huge part of are life. We now can get phone calls, text messaging and even the world wide web on our mobile phones. But what about the ill affects of these devices called cell phone? From texting while driving to less productivity while working. I would like to address the affect on ones work life if they just can not leave the alone for any length of time. Would you call this cell phone addiction?

Turkey Nuggets
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   One of my personal experiences with the work place cell phone problem was while renovating one of my rental houses two years ago. My main guy (construction worker) on my crew brought his cell hone along to the renovation of the rental property. I clocked him for one hour while I was there at the rental. He was on his cell with text and voice calls for 45 minutes out of that hour. So he only worked 15 minutes and I basically paid him for an hour. I was cheated and feeling as this was the end of this guy. I did not let him work on another house for over a year. We are currently renovating another house and I am hoping this is not a problem again.

   I have known several people who been fired for their cell phone use while at work. My goodness are these people cell phone addicts or what? Have cell phones become the next designer drug? Perhaps we all need to leave the cell phone at home at times and get back to real life. My rant on cell phone addiction.

Thanks for reading the post. And Have A Great Jerky Day.
Richard Faller

Landlord Evicts Bad Tenant

by Richard Faller on 09/24/15

Richard Faller
1. Why I Evicted These Tenants? Bad Renters

2. How Much Time Will It Take To Get The Bad Renter Out?
3. When Should You Evict A Bad Tenant? Money?
4. Are There Better Ways Other Than Eviction?

1. Why I Evicted These Tenants? Bad Renters
    This was not about the money. These renters did pay their rent. They used the Father of the daughter who had a good pension to pay the rent. They would be a few days late on the rent but I would get it. I raised there rent hoping they would move, but it did not happen. So why would I evict someone when I was getting paid rent. The two younger people (around 25 years old) were just dirty filthy people who had no respect for anything or anyone. They were little by little destroying my house as you will see in examples in the pictures below.

    In some aspect this was a mistake on my part as I did not properly vet these prospective tenants. As the previous tenants were moving out. The tenants that I evicted were helping the previous tenants move. They ask if they could rent the house and said they would move in and do any painting and move in as is. I was busy at the time so the only thing I checked out is where the money came from and the older man (father) had the money coming in. This is something I will correct in the future. Being busy and having a paying tenant move in right away with no out going expenses clouded my judgment. So part of this was a bad decision on my part.

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This carpet use to be tan in color
Bad renter and filthy balck carpet with burn wholes in carpet

2. How Much Time Will It Take To Get The Bad Renter Out?
    This can vary from state to state and even county to county. If you thinking of evicting tenants get it to the court as soon as you can. The courts will give the tenants some time. In this county the judge gave them 10 days to get out. At that point the civil deputy told me to meet him at 9:00 am on the 10th day and if they are not gone or will not leave he will with force if needed move them off the property. Again this can be different depending on where the rental house is located.

3. When Should You Evict A Bad Tenant? Money?
    This really depends on for what reason you will be evicting a current tenant. If the renters are not paying rent and seems like they have no plan to pay the back rent on a specific time schedule. Then right now is the time to evict.  (see topic 4. first) If it is because of damage. then you must evaluate how much the damage will cost you and are the tenants going to continue to damage your property. Remember moving new tenants in will cost you money. Money in the time your rental is empty and money to fix the damage to the rental.

Bad renter and broken door. Cost Landlords money and raises rent

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Make money with jerky

4. Are There better Ways Other Than Eviction?
    Short answer is yes. This is actually my first full blown eviction that actually went to the law moving the tenants out. Be creative there are many practices you can use to a reasonable person. You may offer $150 to help them move or it may take $300. Take this money out of there deposit. One time a tenant said they did not have a truck to move. I paid for the rental truck. (that was a cheap one) Another time as I asked the tenant to move they said the did not have anyone to help them move. My response was. You get another place and I will have my crew help you move with my truck. The tenant said they would help, that lasted 15 minutes and they had to go. I had them sign papers saying that I would be authorized to move their property. Made it all legal and stuff. If you do either of the above. Make sure they do have a new place to live. And if you pay them to move, pay when the moving is finished or at least started. These methods can be cheaper than losing more rent or taking the eviction to court.

Thanks for reading the post. And Have A Great Jerky Day.
Richard Faller

House Purchase Buyer Tips

by Richard Faller on 09/17/15

Richie Faller
1. About Me: Private Homes And Landlord

2. Purchasing A Home? These Tips Can Save You Money

1. About Me: Private Homes And Landlord
   In my career and life I purchases many homes. Several as my personal and more as rental income generators. For a first time home buyer or one who does not have the knowledge and or experience in the real - estate business not knowing can cost you big dollars. Real -estate agents come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quite knowledgeable and others just know enough to get the contract written and sell you that house. Remember selling homes is their business, it is how they make their money. You are not their to make friends or even be friendly. You are their looking for a home and to get the best deal on the house you can. If you are are impatient or can not walk away from a high priced deal then some of tips are not for you. By the way, it took me over a year and half to purchase my first house. I was clearly learning the art of negotiation during that time. Now I can do those same deals in weeks or even days

Purchase Cases Of Superb JerkyAnd Save Money
Bags Of Jerky (Price is for 2 bags) Save big with jerky cases.

2. Purchasing A Home? These Tips Can Save You Money
    1. About the money. If you do not have 20% down on a home or are borrowing 80% or less of the home value. You will need to purchase private mortgage insurance known as PMI insurance. This cost for PMI can raise your monthly payment for your house. If you do not have 20% down what can you do? As time goes on with your house payments you will eventually get the principal owed down to 80% talk your bank or lender before hand and find out how you can get the PMI insurance taken off at that point.

   2. Flood zone: Watch out for flood  zones. Any house in a flood zone is required to carry flood insurance along with your regular wind and fire damage type of insurance. Flood insurance can be a substantial cost and dramatically raise your monthly payments for your new home. It may be the right house, but you also need the right location. Example: I have a friend who ignored this advise, has been in his new home for 1 year. (yes flood zone pays $1500 a year for flood insurance) Had a really wet rainy spring and had to sand bag around his house. Now he is trying to sell his house after only 1 year. Just beware of flood zones. Great deal? Maybe.

  3. Realtor trained: Realtor's are trained in several things. Get you to dream, to write a contract now, to show you a couple house they think you are not interested in, then show you one they think you are in your price range. Then show you the one way over your price. Yep that's the house cause I have seen the junk and the ones I can not afford. Watch out for the "we have several people ready to write a contract on this house, you need to make an offer now". Relax be patient and start looking early for your house.

  4. Be ready to walk away: Don't be bullied into a high offer or counter offer. If you are looking for a great deal on a house and want to make a low offer be ready to walk away from the deal and go on to the next. A Realtor will keep you busy looking at houses and drain your emotional energy until you are just ready to get this over with. I once made an offer on a house for just $10,000 less than asking price told the Realtor I did not want a counter offer. The Realtor came back with a higher counter offer and I made a counter offer $15,000 lower than the original offer. (thought that game was over) When all the counters were over I purchased that house $20,000 lower than asking price. Turned out they really wanted to sell the house and would have taken the first offer. That Realtor never played his games with me again. I went on to purchase 4 more houses from the same Realtor. In the art of negotiation sometimes you have to be ready to walk away from a deal.

   Hope this helps you just a little in your search for a home.     

Thanks for reading the post. And Have A Great Jerky Day.
Richard Faller

Manual Traffic Exchanges

by Richard Faller on 09/10/15

Richie Faller
1. The World of Manual Traffic Exchanges.

2. Some Of The Best Manual Traffic Exchanges

1. The World of Manual Traffic Exchanges.
    Way back in the late 1990s the first Traffic Exchange was invented for web site owners and affiliates seeking traffic to their web site. Back in those days Traffic Exchanges worked like a dream. They reinvented these exchanges many times in the last couple of decades but have never come up with that magic formula again that made the first few so successful for the user of the Traffic Exchanges. Many owners of traffic exchanges device ways to deliver more and more traffic so they can sell more traffic at a lower price. But the quality of the page views began to decline. Some exchange owners invented their own digital products and marketed them as a must have to succeed with traffic exchanges. They should have stuck with delivering quality traffic in my opinion.

     But do traffic exchanges still work as far as putting your product, affiliate program or digital product on a traffic exchange in hope of making some extra cash? Short answer is yes but not quite as good as they use to. In say yes to that question I must explain one aspect of marketing on traffic exchanges. Build your brand, be it your name, your web site, your picture or a combination of all. And be a professional marketer. Build quality and professional splash or squeeze pages. Test what you do as far as marketing on traffic exchanges and track your advertising.. And yes traffic exchanges can work and make you money.. Never use an auto surf exchange there are no human eyes on those and a waist of time band width.

2. Some Of The Best Manual Traffic Exchanges
    Here are a few of the thousands of traffic exchanges I consider to be the best in the business.  The next three exchanges I consider to be the best as they have a timer that one can actually get a page loaded before the user clicks to the next page. Plus they have geo - targeting, that is a good thing. Easy hits4U ,, Webmaster Quest,, Traffic G ,, (Top 3). Here is one that I use for targeted geo views.. I upgraded on this one ( geo views ) and have it on auto pilot on several manual exchanges.

   Hope this helps as you look for several quality traffic exchanges.

Thanks for reading the post. And Have A Great Jerky Day.
Richard Faller

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