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With this little Micro Brewery System. It is easy to make your own beer, with this home brewery beer system. Inexpensive beer kit.
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A micro brewery, is a modern brewery which makes a very limited amount of beer. Max amount of beer a brewery can produce and be, still classed as a micro brewery can be of different ranges depending on the region and authority, although it is around 15,000 barrels (475,000 gallons) a year.
Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think I will be brewing 475,000 gallons of beer this year. But it would be nice to brew several gallons a month. Wow, that would actually be great for that little party with family and friends. My  Nephew just ordered his, and says "YES" to the Mr. Beer, Beer brewing system. I expect to get a good taste of his personal beer master craft soon. Easy to use and clean for your own home made beer. Just like having your own little Micro Brewery in your home. Makes A Great Gift
In the depression years of prohibition, the only way to get your beer was to brew your own at home, as all beer sales were illegal in the United States. Home brewers continued to brew their own beer, mostly for to get their own personal taste. Play the video and it tells you a little about how easy it is to get your own personal taste added to your home brew. With a little experimentation, your unique taste may just be the hit of your neighborhood. I can see only one back fall to this, and that is your neighbors may expect more backyard BBQs from you. But they really just want your beer.  As they may never want to go back to drinking the national brand of beer they drank before you most graciously offered them some of your own home brew. Get your own home brew kit now. Click Banner below 
Comes with your own Fermenter (2 gal.) Book on Brewing, depending on which brewing kit you choose, plastic bottles, standard or premium refills, accessories and Mr beer merchandise.
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Brew Keg Fermenter  - keg is completely reusable and will hold 2 gallons  of your own  beer brew
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Update: 5/16/12 Micro brew beer
Today our family had a party for my niece who graduated from high school. Lots of good food, good people and fun.  Now my nephew had a surprise waiting for the adults at the party. Yep, you guessed it. He had a brand new batch of what he called "Jose light" micro brewed beer. Brewed from the Mr. Beer kit you see on this page. 
We had several volunteer's to taste test the home made beer. As people began to sample the micro brewed beer, it
sparked some interesting conversation to say the least. After a few glasses of this fine homemade brew. One of the best ideas that was being past around the table. (And it was in kind of a joking mode) We started discussing opening our own micro/macro brewing center. We all laughed at the possibility that we could be one of the largest micro beer brewers (using Mr. beer kits of course) in the United States. It was all being said in good fun for laughs and giggles. Bottom line for our Micro brew beer. Profit would come from our every expanding lines of micro brew. Perhaps we could go Global. Then the discussion came to dead stop when it was mentioned, we would not be a micro brew beer company anymore. So we decided to scrap the plans to dominate the beer market and just make enough beer for our family get together's. Just what our family comes up with for laughs. Always have premium jerky at the parties too.  Hope you enjoyed this little update. 
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The above 5/16/12 update is all on a personal note written by Richard Faller about a family get together. And has no affiliation with any companies on this site.
This micro brew beer system makes a great Christmas gift. If you have someone on your Christmas gift list or for that matter any time a gift is given, and the person on your list is hard to buy for, than the eyes are going to light up when you give this unique micro brew, beer system as a gift. Doe's the person on your list like beer? He or she is going to love the gift of this micro beer system. Mouths will drop, and sounds of, "oh my that is so cool" are going to come from the people at the party. I know it happened at a Christmas party I was at.
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Watch The Micro Brew Beer System In Action. See Video Below
This first video watch a brewmaster use the Mr. Beer kit to make some home brew. And what the brewmaster says at the end of the video >>>>>>>
The 2nd video is an advance brewing recipe. The German Hefeweizen beer. This beer has a higher alcohol content and is brewed with liquid yeast >>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Don't Want To Brew Your Own? Order From The Best Micro Breweries In America. Join The Club ======>
Don't Want To Brew Your Own? Order From The Best Micro Breweries In America. Join The Club ======>
Don't Want To Brew Your Own? Order From The Best Micro Breweries In America. Join The Club
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