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We value your Opinion
Customer Reviews
Beef, Buffalo, Turkey Jerky
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We value your Opinion
Customer Reviews
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  • I was really surprised at the quality of jerky that I received from Jerky Direct. The jerky is great. My favorite is the beef teryaki jerky but I also enjoyed the slab style peppered jerky. I am looking forward to trying all of the different flavors soon. 
         Jessica Hinkle - Ohio
  • I can't believe how good this stuff is! OMGosh is all I can say. My daughter opened the bag and the smell was amazing! Even the regular slab type is soft enough for me to chew. And it tastes great! WOOHOO! Great taste, soft enough to eat AND none of the regular crap in Jerky! LIFE IS GOOD IN JERKY LAND! 
          Lorian Rivers 
  • My son introduced us to the best jerky money can buy. Sure, you can buy the off brand jerky in the retail stores, but you get what you pay for. My husband and myself love the "stuff" and if you are on a low carb diet, it is well worth the money for a good healthy treat! Thank you 
          Bob Vick -MI 
  • The Jerky is great, not at all like some of the other jerky I have tryed out there. Love hot stuff. So I will tell you right now that the habanero beef stix, wow super, the buffalo hot jerky ( the round ones they call Os ) texture was very soft with just enough hot to get me going. You had me at the word hot, you keep me with your quality.
          Fred Hansin - OH 
  • Thanks Jerky Direct Memo: Just Want To Say Thanks To Everyone At Jerky Direct For What You Do To Make This Business What I Believe To Be The Best Opportunity In America Today! My Friend, David Rubright Called Me And Said, I Sent You An Email. It's A Jerky Business. Click On My Website And Check It Out, It's Just 12 Bucks! Thanks David! I Was Looking For A Home And I've Found It With Jerky Direct. Finally, A Product Worth The Money, A Company You Can Believe In And The Greatest People In America To Work With To Have Fun And Make Money. It Just Gets Better! Thanks! 
          Rolly Mylius - Texas 
  • Ok had to put my own favorite jerky in here.
          I simlpy love the Turkey Nuggets Jerky. The nuggets are soft and chewy. And the taste is oh so sweet. All Of the  organic jerky is   just so good (it only comes in beef though) I really like the Organic Sweet & Spicy...
          Richard Faller Saint Marys Ohio
A Counter
  • I had to send a check to my sponsor to get enrolled because I only had a Discover card and my wife would not let me use her Visa to set up a network marketing business. She didn't want me to do them any more. One day last month I got home from rattle snake huntin’ and Sharon said to me "You got something in the mail today". I had already seen my case of jerky on floor by the office door and I said "I know… I saw the box". Then she smiled and handed me my first check from Jerky Direct. It was almost as much as my monthly order. Then she handed me her Visa card and told me to go ahead and use it for this business. Ain't it funny how money gets a gal's attention. Now we're cookin’ with butter!"  Dennie Ray "Snake" Braswell, Texas 
The Best Jerky Anywhere - Beef, Buffalo, Turkey Jerky
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          WebMaster Richard Faller  Thank You For Your Opinion
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  • I just had these beef steak sticks today and they are the best thing I've had since bacon bits. I just wanted to say that they're totally awesome, and to keep on doing what you're doing. This business has helped me finally feel confident about something, thanks..  Garrett Clark, Texas 
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