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Beef, Buffalo, Turkey Jerky
All Natural and Organic
Business Building - Resource Page
What you will find below on this page
Free Web Site Hosting - Get Your Site Listed For Free - Free Banner Ad Exchanges - Free Text Ad Exchanges - Web Site Builders and Host -  Free Business Cards. Can Automation make you money? - Free 24/7 Traffic Machine - Free Traffic Exchanges - Free Marketing Page For Our Team Members - The money is in the list
You made a decision to start a new home based business (Jerky Direct) where you can buy quality beef, buffalo and turkey jerky retail and or wholesale. By the bag or by the case. We are proud to bring you delicious jerky in assorted styles and flavors and a truly simplistic business opportunity. I am sure you have lots of questions on how and why and where to get started.
Free Business Cards - For Personal Contacts
First and foremost if you are in business you need business cards. You can pass them out to family and friends but beyond the family and friends is where you really start to build a solid business. Pass cards out to waitresses and waiters ( I wrap the tip around a card ) gas station attendants, your doctors, your dentist, clerks at stores, by all means if you see someone with jerky pass em a card, the list is endless on who you can pass out cards too. Most everyone likes jerky. And that is the way I approach, sir or madam - do you like jerky? Have your business cards with you and available to pass out. If you don't have one , you cant pass it out. Click on one of the banners below and you can get 250 business cards free. There is small shipping charge but these cards will save you a ton of money. When you enter their site mouse over business cards or free products on the left side bar, you will find the free business cards there VistaPrint.com
To start let me in introduce myself.
My name is Richard Faller (webmaster of BBTJerky.com) an independent jerky distributor. I have been marketing online and offline since the year 1999. I have been thru failures as some of you I am sure have too. And success has found its way to my door on several occasions. I can tell you this, that I have not found a money making program that is as simplistic as Jerky Direct. They have taken out the negative parts of network marketing and made it fun and simple. $12 you get 2 bags of jerky and you are now in business. What could be so simple. Below you will find some resources to help you build your jerky business. Just remember one of the best ways to build your business is thru personal contacts and building relationships with distributors and to use tools available to you. The conference calls are an extremely powerful tool to send your personal contacts to. Building your business thru personal contacts and or the internet, it is your business and you can do it your way. Note: Some of this may seem a little overwhelming so take it one step at a time, day by day, and keep building your base a little at a time. Knowledge is power.   
A counter
There are those who come flying out of the gate and then suddenly burn out. keep it simple one day at a time and be persistent. People who succeed have one thing in common, they are persistent in reaching for their goals. You now have a great program (the best) to make extra income. Be persistent and reach for the sky   
Internet Resources

Free Traffic
Free traffic to your web site can come in all in all shapes and sizes. Some are good and some are not. yes there is useless traffic out there. Think: if no real person sees your site then that traffic is useless, right? So an autosurf program would be useless because no one is looking at the page. Below are several resources that can get you free traffic to your site. Most do have an upgrade that you pay for but I want to note here that I have never upgraded or paid for any free traffic resource, The way I look at it, if they are not good enough to use for free then they are not good period. Look over the categories below and take it slow.
This Traffic Machine is 247 Live  -  Discontinued as conflics with Virus Protection
Instant buzz is a tool bar that works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. This is the easiest form of free traffic out there. Once you set it up it is automated and 247 live to over 100,000 users on the net. Instant Buzz is free and easy, Not to bad of click thru for what you do to get the traffic. If you use traffic exchanges this works well with Webmaster Quest and Traffic G (See traffic exchanges below) as you surf the exchange you also are using and getting impressions thru out the Instant Buzz network. Free is Free and this works well for a free program.
Web Site Builder and Host. -Domains
If you are in business it is always a good idea to have you own web site that you add and change things in. Your own unique web site can be submitted to search engines and you can get free traffic to your site thru them. If you are in my downline (team) and want to build a web site but don't know how to get started just let me know, I am here to help, I am well versed in site building in all the builders I am about to tell you about.

Here are a couple free site builders. Freeservers this one is an easy to use free online site builder can rank in the search engine, you do need to manually put in your meta tags in this builder every time you update you site. Tripod , Tripod is another free online site builder that get you ranked in the SEs. Easy to use and once you put in your meta tags they will stay in place even when you update. FreeWebs is another popular free web site host. Several of our members are using Freewebs with success. I do recommend using one of the site builders at the bottom of the page as they are more versatile and some come with unlimited websites which will come in handy if you are going to market online. Look them over and see if they will benifit you better than a free host. Click Here For Paid Host

If you change a page make sure your meta tags still fit the page. Meta tags are very important, without meta tags your site will never be ranked in the SEs. First you have the Title tag (what your site title is) keep it key word rich (jerky) ( beef jerky etc) and not over 60 characters Description tag where you put in a short description about the individual pages, again keyword rich and not over 150 characters, keyword tag, this is where you put in keywords of what surfers will be searching for, 1200 characters or below.  You will also find some paid host that has great value as you continue in your business below in the sponsor section. 
Get You Site Listed after you build it.  - Free Search Engine Submission
Getting your site listed is easy and yes free, here is a free web site submitter that will submit your site to over 40 search engines including google, yahoo, msn, hobot and more. Some you may need to manually submit. Remember do not over submit. Do not submit your site more once in any 30 day period as most SEs will consider that spamming the index. And please be patient as it will take between 2 to 6 weeks to get in the indexes. Get you site listed here.
Free Traffic Exchanges
Traffic exchanges are just that a site where you click on a persons web site and in turn another user clicks on yours. Traffic exchanges can be use full and can even be fun but do not spend all your time on the TEs. As they can bring you in some traffic they are not the best source of free traffic for the time you have involved. I use these perhaps once a week with 6 browser open and flying as fast as I can. Here are a couple free top exchanges - this is a good one because you can send e-mails to other users about their site and develop a relationship with them.  Because of its size, over 120,000 users. All the exchanges I mention are free to use and I want to mention and note here again, I have never upgraded or paid for a free traffic. Here are a couple others you may want to check out including Webmaster Quest and Traffic G both 1 to 1 exchanges that I mentioned in the Instant Buzz section. 
Get em here top free traffic
Free Banner and Text Ad Exchanges
These are great tools to get traffic to your site. Just think, getting signups for your business is kind of a numbers game. So the more traffic to your site usually means more signups. Below are few quality and tested traffic (banner and text) ad exchanges. Banner and text ad exchanges are just that you exchange a banner or text ad of your yours for another users in the exchange. All of these exchanges open the banner or text ad in a new window so your visitor will not leave your site. We have banners approved for jerky direct that you can use in the exchanges Banners Click Here. Any Jerky Direct distributor can use these banners you do not have to be a member of our team. These resources you can see below in our sponsor section.
Banners Go MLM  - Free
This a 1:1 exchange using a 250 by 72 banner. One of the first and still one of the few that offer a 1:1 exchange. Member base is over 100,000 and growing. This means that your banner has the potential to be seen on over 100,000 different sites. That can be a power full toll in your online marketing. Click thru % range from 6% to 0.5% click thru on the banners I use in this exchange. That is a good ratio and remember it is free and after you ad the code to your site it is all automated. You do need to be able ad the banner code to you own site for this exchange work for you. Work with Tripod free site builder.  Get BannersGoMLM Free. Here is another free banner exchange this one is looking real good and takes 468 by 60 banners
Adverts Text ads - Free
Adverts Text ads work on any site. If you an affiliate site or own your site. These days text ads are what seems to ruling the net. The click thru ratio seems to better on text ads right now than banner ads ( I would suggest to use both) With advert you do not need to have your own site or now html or put code on a site. They have and option to use it with the code ( static ad) for your site or floating and x out with out a site that can edit. great tool for all  to use and it is free. Get Adverts Free
Spell Check - Free
Don't forget to spell check what you have wrote: Be professional and spell check. 
Imagine the next 2 ad copies that say the same thing. The first misspelled and the second spell checked. Who would you rather lead you. sometimes it is not that we misspell, it is just getting in a big hurry and mistype then do not check for mistakes
1 We hav one ofe the easeiest and simple busnes plans in net work markting today now and for the futire
2 We have one of the easiest and simple business plans in net work marketing today now and for the future
The number one ad copy was corrected with spell check. Yes we I actually copied number and put it in spell check
Get Spell Check and Bookmark it so you hve it oooops have.
In Closing
Thank you for your interest in a great business opportunity and remember if you are a member of our downline (Team) and need help or have question with or about any of the above we are here to help you. When you signed up under us you were e-mailed our toll free number do not hesitate to call us for any question you may have that is what we are here for. To help you build your business. We ask that you call before 10:00 PM Eastern time. If you are not sure what time it is in our time zone.You can go here and that page will have a clock on it showing what time it is in our town.

If You Have Not Already Joined Our Team - Join Our Team
In the below banner and text ad exchanges: BBTJerky is not affiliated with and we do not endorse any product or program below.
I am only recommending one site builder and host at this time.

Recommended Site Builder and Host

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Traffic Wave Automation.   Find Out How YOU Can Build, Manage, and Profit From Your Own In-House E-Mail Marketing Lists!  The money is in the list
If your site is not automated with autoresponders, you are missing out on quite a bit of business and that business is cash in or out of your pocket. Which would you prefer. 

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