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The banners on this page are open for use with any Jerky Direct Distributor. Feel free to right click on any banner and save them to you hard drive. Another Jerky Direct Site was gracious enough to allow me to use them so I will pass the favor on. Jerky Direct banners. If you are in my downline and need a custom made banner let me know. Free for my downline. 

If you want a custom banner made for your business, choose one from below and send us the text/pics or your own theme and where you want it. Price $35 US

Warning: Do not hotlink these banners. The urls will change from time to time so  if you hotlink. The link will have a good chance that it is not working and the banner will not show up. We do not want our bandwidth used up for some ones banner campaign.
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Do you love jerky - All Natural , Beef, Buffalo and Turkey Premium Jerky
The Hot Jerky
One For Banners Go MLM Free Banner Exchange. Good banner Excahnge and it is FREE
Generic banner anyone can use. I suggest you get you own domain, way better advertising
Generic banner anyone can use. I suggest you get you own domain, way better advertising
I can customize any banner for those on my team. You will need your own domain name.
If you are not on my team I do charge for a customized banner. If you are not on my team and want a banner the cost is $30 per
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If you like jerky and would like to make some extra money online join our home based business today. Beef, Buffalo and Turkey Jerky
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Below Links Still Live On Our Site, But I Do Not Market These Products Anymore or The Offers are not Valid
Weight Shakes ][ Toxic Free Skin Care ][ Personal/Home Care ]
Omega3 Krill Oil ][ Jerky Drawing ][ Free Sample ] [ JD Banners ]
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Do Not Hotlink To Any Of These Banners. I Change Urls At Times So The Banner May Not Work. This Is My Bandwidth. And If You Want To Display A Banner You Need Your Own Bandwidth.
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